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Online Graduate Tax Program: Building on BU’s Longstanding History in Graduate Legal Education

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Earn an LLM Degree Online

Tax law has become an increasingly challenging area of practice in today's complex and global regulatory environment — and Boston University School of Law's Graduate Tax Program (LLM in Taxation) remains at the forefront of preparing lawyers to meet this challenge. One of the nation's premier law schools, BU Law ranks #7 in tax law according to the 2016 edition of U.S. News & World Report. In addition, BU Law ranks #2 LLM in Taxation, Best of the National Law Journal (2014 Edition). Overall the school is rated #2 for "Best Professors" and #7 “Best Classroom Experience” by The Princeton Review.

BU Law's renowned LLM tax program, established in 1959, is now available through online instruction, enabling practitioners to receive either fundamental or advanced training in tax law in a convenient, accessible format. The program can be completed in as few as four consecutive-part-time sessions or over a four year period. This flexible format accommodates the hectic schedules of active practitioners who otherwise would not be able to attend the BU Law's traditional, residential program. Students may begin their studies at three convenient times per year — fall, spring or summer.

Expert instruction is generally provided by the same experienced faculty who teach in BU's traditional, residential Graduate Tax Program — accomplished practitioners with extensive experience at private law firms and accounting firms, corporations, and government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. As a result, LLM tax students will not only master the fundamental concepts of tax law but will also develop a practical understanding of how complex tax issues are handled in real-world settings.

Why Pursue an LLM Degree?

With a J.D. in hand, new attorneys are equipped to start their careers in a variety of general law-related fields. However, for junior attorneys pursuing a tax law career, having additional training in this competitive specialty becomes a distinguishing factor when applying to selective firms. Attaining an LLM in tax law indicates that the applicant has the skills and knowledge required to serve as a trusted source of expertise in this growing field. Having an LLM from one of the top law schools in the United States demonstrates that the individual is high performing and worthy of consideration at even the most discriminating law firms.

Who Should Consider the Graduate LLM Tax Program?

This LLM program option is ideal for domestic and foreign-trained lawyers who seek to expand their expertise in tax law and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The online LLM program is ideal for practicing attorneys who wish to continue working while they strengthen their credentials. It's also a great option for veteran attorneys who want to transition to practicing tax law. The asynchronous instructional format accommodates the demanding schedules of busy lawyers, as well as students living and working in various time zones. And best of all, BU Law's Graduate LLM program allows online students to obtain the same exact degree title as students in the residential program.

Will a Part-Time or Full-Time LLM Track Suit Your Needs?

Boston University offers both part-time and full-time LLM tracks to meet the needs of new and veteran attorneys. Students can expand their tax law skillset at the pace that best suits their professional and personal schedules. Working lawyers can study part-time while they remain at their current practice, and new law school graduates can pursue the LLM credential at a faster pace through the full-time option. There is an online LLM program of study at BU that suits every attorney's needs.

To learn more about the Graduate Tax Program's online option, which leads to an LLM in Taxation degree, contact an admissions representative at 877-308-9945 or request more information.